Factory 2nd case in yellow 2


Flat 50% discounted.


Introducing The Sean Christian Factory 2nd “Cigar” Case. These cases are on 50%off which are  with little bit factory defected. The case has multiple pockets perfect for the cigar lover’s favorite lighter, cutter, holder, key fobs, or other small-medium things. The large pocket can hold a number of cigars from Robusto to Churchill sizes with space for your favorite large ring gauge cigars as well. It also makes the perfect spot for your wallet and phone if you aren’t using it for cigars. There is also space in the middle for your favorite writing instrument or cigar stick. Sean Christian is a purveyor of quality leather cigar-related products. He creates cases that embody fashion, style, and sophistication that cigar lovers deserve. Combined with the iconic style of the Cigar Lifestyle, it’s one of the final touches to your iconic look.

IN STOCK Cases will be shipped between 1-3 days from date of purchase. Due to the nature of the material, leather may vary slightly from piece to piece. Products do not include accessories or cedar cigar tray (tray can be purchased separately).


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