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About Us

Sean Christian

Sean Christian is a purveyor of quality leather cigar-related products. Having become a cigar aficionado over a decade ago, he noticed many of his fellow smokers carrying their cigars and accessories in a variety of ways but none that seemed to embody fashion, style, and sophistication that cigar lovers deserve. Thus comes the initial offering of Sean Christian Leather: the Sean Christian Cigar Case.

A few more words

The Sean Christian Cigar Case is made of the highest quality, hand stitched, cowhide. Each case has multiple pockets with ample space for the cigar lover’s favorite lighter, cutter, holder, key fobs, or other items. The large pocket can hold a number of cigars from Robusto to Churchill with space for your favorite large ring gauge cigars as well. There is also space for one’s favorite writing instrument or cigar stick.

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